#227 ( NSFW )

If your uncomfortable with nipples and sexual content, I would recommend that you do not scroll down. Consider checking out my other post that has released today here. Sava joins us to help show off a new couples pose from ::WetCat::. The “Savagery” pose set was released at the Fetish Fair and contains 4 sexy…… Continue reading #227 ( NSFW )


↑click to see full size ↑ I grabbed the most recent release from Moda. The sexy strappy platforms are at The Black Fair.  They are fitted for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza feet and come in 36 colors and 4 metals. You can choose to have the sole be metal, like I did, if you wish.…… Continue reading #162


Oh good, your here. Do me a favor? Take my peeps from me. lels. I don’t know what it is about peeps that get me. I mean I could just go eat a tablespoon of sugar couldn’t I?  And I don’t necessary love marshmallow either. There is just something about those little chick shaped marshmallows…… Continue reading #157