#227 ( NSFW )

If your uncomfortable with nipples and sexual content, I would recommend that you do not scroll down. Consider checking out my other post that has released today here. Sava joins us to help show off a new couples pose from ::WetCat::. The “Savagery” pose set was released at the Fetish Fair and contains 4 sexy…… Continue reading #227 ( NSFW )


↑click to see full size ↑ Hello my fabulous friends.  Another post today with some On9 goodies. This time I’m wearing a beautiful soft dress from [Aleutia] with a faux detachable skirt.  That means the shirt appears like you could remove it, but you cant.  You can, however, texture it differently from the main dress…… Continue reading #188


↑click to see full size ↑ Another one from [Aleutia] today.  This two piece bikini was part of a major release at SoS  ( check the credits for the lm ).  It’s available in prints or non-prints and as always its only sold in a fatpack for a ridiculously low price.  The prints are my…… Continue reading #148