Photo Informations

Looking for information on sending me review copies?  Check this page or click review copies on the menu!

Do you want to have rights to my photos or use them in your adds/on social media and etc? Just ask! I would be honored and more times than not I can send you a full size copy. Edit: In June I did a full system restore so photos before #341 are not available in full size directly.  You may still download from Flickr ( if a sponsor or with permission ).

I’ve compiled a bit of information here that may or may not be useful to you ( as a sponsor ).

Formatting? I prefer to do one artistic featured image as the “face” of the blog post. However, If smaller things need to be shown better then I will do a photo-in-a photo and/or add extra photos to my flickr or in the comments section on flickr. If I feel that that the items are shown properly and the windlight is true I will only have the one featured image.

Do I edit? The majority of times I use moderate Photoshop techniques on my blog pictures.  I do tend to do one artistic feature image and have one or two raw images in the post also. Again, sometimes these make it to the comment section on flickr. If your unsure what I mean then check below in the Examples section.

How much do I edit?  Most of the time I only try to give depth to the avatar itself with highlights and shadows.  I also like to add details like lighting and dust and etc.  I don’t go crazy and draw in hair ( those are beautiful though! ) or other things.  I will edit an item only if I used a pose that may have messed something up.  Such as an arm that goes through a skirt – I will draw in the arm.

What about Lights, Projectors and Windlights? I try to use windlights/lights that don’t alter the color or integrity of items.  Rarely, I do get creative and use heavier windlights or stronger lights to light items up.  When this occurs I always post a raw photo.  See an example below.

What about Poses? I try to use poses that keep the integrity of items.  Often times I make/use my own poses.

Don’t like edits?  If your not okay with your items being edited or in photos that have been photoshoped and you communicate that with me I will be more than happy to not edit your items or edit photos that contain your brand.

NSFW? Sometimes I receive adult items and like to post “naughtier” posts.  These posts have their own label and include NSFW in the title..  Keep in mind that some feeds won’t allow naughty pictures and these photos might not be able to be added to FaceBook.  Communicate with me if you don’t want your items in posts like these.  I label photos/post NSFW if there are exposed sex parts ( nipples included ) or strong fetish acts.

Kemono/Child posts/Animal Cruelty?  I’m not a child blogger, that would be ridiculous as stated above I like naughtier things at times.  I do wear/use the kemono avatar at times and I’m not against using that avatar on this blog or my Flickr.  That avatar is NOT a child. I will NOT receive/accept/use any items that show/hint at animal cruelty.

You have other questions?  Comment below or IM me and I’ll be happy to answer them.  I don’t hide my online status and I do receive offline IM’s.


Im in the process of re-updating some of my example links.  Stay tuned.


  • page updated 10/20/2017