About Vi

Haii, thanks for your interest in my blog and me.


  • Modeling

I rezzed on 06/18/2009. Shortly after that I found the huge world of fashion in Second Life. I focused all of my energy on fashion modeling. I trained at academy’s, walked lots of runways and organized a lot of fashion shows. I had my own blog and I also blogged for GLANCE modeling agency. I enjoyed it for a few years, but I eventually I felt like my Second Life was missing something.  I had to take a break all together due to real life. When I came back I decided to retire from fashion modeling.

  • Blogging

Today, I have more fun than I have probably since I joined Second Life. But I still felt I needed to do something that connected me to fashion in Second Life ( besides just shopping ).  It took a few months to decide if I wanted to start blogging again. It was something I really missed.

  • My Style

I wouldn’t say I have a certain ” style “, nor do I believe an artist should be limited to only one style. I could say what I’m not easier than I could say what I am. I’m not into horror. I’m not into cute horror. Other than that I can be whatever I feel like being on a given day. That’s the beauty of Second Life.

  • Funsies

I’m usually on my photo platform trying to sort my mess of an inventory, taking pictures and probably chatting in ims. Sometimes someone makes me leave my bubble and do something social. ( hehe ). I love listening to music, dancing, shopping, talking, helping people if I can, exploring sims, and people watching.