I hope that you are having an enjoyable day – and to all the fathers out there Happy Fathers Day!


Today ( in real life ), I’m having a picnic with my family. I don’t know if I shared yet, but I recently met my biological father, it was almost a year and a half ago. I asked him to breakfast today and I’m really not sure why, I mean – he DID manipulate me into it ( he’s sort of a narcissist ). I fully believe the holiday is to give thanks to the man who raised you, sacrificed anything for you and provided for you. That is not this new guy in my life at all, and I have no idea why he can’t understand that there is no reason to celebrate his lack of impact in my life.  To be honest, I feel like I’m doing my actual father wrong by giving this man a few hours of my life today, when it could be spent with my REAL father. And to be even more honest I don’t know what ( if any ) kind of relationship I want with “biodad”. We don’t even really get along and hes way too overbearing. So why am I even going? ….. For a post about “Good Vibes”, it went depressing quite quick! lels, sorry about that but damn it – it felt great!

I know! How about a cute story about my actual dad.

My dad was pretty much there from the moment I popped into the world and I believe my very first memory is actually of him.  I think I was probably around 3 and the memory is pretty hazy.  But at the time my mom and I was living with my maternal grandmother as we recently moved states.  I remember my dad knocking on the door and it was roughly around 8pm because it was dark.  I ran down the hallway and, its funny, I remember my mom scolding me because we don’t open doors for strangers.  But when I did [timidly] open the door my dad was standing there with a stuffie that was taller than I was.  I don’t even remember what the stuffie was.  I just remember being so excited to see him and then so happy to have a new stuffie.  And that is it, I don’t believe it was a special day.  All of the things he probably wanted or needed for himself, but he got me a present knowing I probably wouldn’t even remember it.



Head: Catwa Catya

Body and Bento hands: Maitreya

Skin: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Lipstick: {S0NG} Summer V2 Liptints @  Rewind | *new* ❤ty

Hair: Magika – 01 – Talk Like That

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lumi~ Forest Eye | ❤ty


Bathing Suit: [Aleutia] Hailee @  Good Vibes | *new* ❤ty

Shoes: *elise* – Ibiza @  Good Vibes | *new* ❤ty

Necklace: *PerveTTe* Luck @  Good Vibes | *new* ❤ty

Nails: alme. Dots & Squares – Pink


Pose/Ukulele: BellePoses – Kauane @  Good Vibes | *new* ❤ty

go. shop. be fabulous.


One thought on “#347

  1. What a wonderful story of tribute to your REAL dad! As for your ‘biodad’, he may have only provided the sperm and half the DNA that made you, but he did do that. It doesn’t mean he deserves any type of relationship or spoken gratitude, but always hold that gratitude, even if privately inside of you. Without his contribution, you wouldn’t be you and you are wonderful, love!
    *scrolls back up with watery eyes to do the actual blog check*
    Oh yes! Great look!! Beautiful as always! Thank you for posting and thank you for making my eyes wet today!


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