I had written all this up at one point before.  But because this makes me feel vulnerable I decided to deleted this at the last second.  Not anymore!

As some of you know my Dad has Muscular Distrophy.  In less than a week I’ll be teaming up with MDA for a charity walk to raise money.  If you don’t know what muscular distrophy is….. Muscular Dystorphy is a crippling disease that can effect families of all walks of life, no matter sex, age or nationality.  The disease can effect each subject differently depending on which gene has mutated and which form of MD they have.

In general Muscular Dystorphy leads to weakening of the muscles.  Consider that for a second and think about how serious this disease can be.  Do you know any valuable muscles that you need to live?  Perhaps the heart?  Some children are  born with muscular dystrophy and may never be able to walk a day in their life, or even worse they may not even live that long at all due to deformities, heart problems and even seizures. Or consider this other example of my father….. a proud man who worked very hard to provide for his family, now finds himself disabled and unable to care for his family like he always did.

Speaking of my dad, honestly, the MDA has done so much for him. They have offered free doctors and specialists as well as testing for him. They have offered him so much support as well as personal items to make his quality of life better. They sent him a power lift chair and helped him get a modified scooter! These people do not mess around!  If you want to read about which form of MD my dad has you can follow this link. Inclusion Body Myositis or Inclusion Body Myositis. ( First one goes to the MDA website the second one goes to John Hopkins website so you can take your pick ).

This post wasn’t made to ask you for a donation but rather raise awareness for MDA.  At the very least, I ask that you go to my Facebook page and locate my post about the charity. Please please share that post, talk to someone about it…..Anything!   By chance you are able and wish to donate you can follow that link on my Facebook or this one ( p.s. my donation portal is all for you guys and we certainly do not expect a cent, or real life family and friends have a different link ). We don’t see a penny, everything goes directly to MDA. The last thing I want to mention is that my dad was diagnosed over a decade ago. This diagnosis didn’t magically happen just in time for this charity. You can track my posts back a year ago when I mentioned my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Head: Catwa Catya

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