Hi Friends.  Wednesday was my mom’s birthday.  If you have been here a while you may know that my mom recently did chemo, so it was sort of an emotional day for me.  Not just because I’m glad she is in remission but as I was filling out her card I just suddenly strongly remembered my maternal grandma.  I say “strongly” because the feeling of her was so present at the time.  My grandma was admitted to hospice where she passed peacefully in 2013.  All of her 5 children, plus me, were present and active in her passing. ( I sort of acted in my mothers place a lot because she lived states away, but I liked to consider myself her favorite granddaughter ) 😉  Just before she passed we stood around her bed and we each took turns telling her why they were so thankful for her.  Part of why I am so thankful for her is that she has given me my mother, and this counts as the hard work she put into raising my mother.. which no doubt lead her to become a wonderful person and amazing friend and mother.  I’m not sure why it hit me then and there.  Maybe my grandma was with us because she loved to go out and we were traveling out of city.  Do you believe loved ones visit us?

Also, does it bother you when I share my real life with you?

Head: Catwa Catya

Body and Bento hands: Maitreya

Skin: alaskametro<3 “Alicia” Catwa face skin Tone 3

Eyeshadow: LIVIA // Kyla Eyeshadow @ Applique | *new* ❤ty

Lipstick: LIVIA::Yummy Gloss | ❤ty

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Blake Mesh Hair  | ❤ty

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sol~ Pale Green Eye | ❤ty


Rings: *elise* – Lilia – BENTO Rings @ Spring Fair| *new* ❤ty

Pose: <K&S> Cute portrait. Bento pose 3 @ Bloom | *new* ❤ty

Prop: Astralia – Vintage backgrounds (Fast Food) | ❤ty

go. shop. be fabulous.


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