#269 ( NSFW )


I thought that we could have a chat.  And I must warn you we will be getting into some real life stuff.  So by all means, if you don’t like to talk rl, skip this.  But make sure you check the credits for any items you might want!  Also, before we begin, I do want to reinforce that I will be here.  But sometimes I wont have the power computer to make photos and posts.


I haven’t given a proper update about my mother. I did a couple of update posts but if you are new around here.  June 2017 my mother had a non-laparoscopic surgery to have a complete hysterectomy due to a mass on her ovaries that ended up being cancerous. The day after she was released she was re-admitted to the hospital due to a blockage/rolled intestine.  Basically, she spent almost the entire month in the hospital and ended up having to have a second vertical cut surgery style to have the blockage corrected.  Between June and the current time she has been healing and we have been attending various other medical appointments, like PET scans and oncology visits.  Recently she was forced to make a tough decision:  another surgery or 6 rounds of chemo, which she ended up choosing.  I can’t blame her….. In less than one month she had 2 surgeries and both of them fairly major.   Both of which she is still healing from.

Her chemo treatments begin this Friday.  Yes, 4 days until she gets poison injected into her veins.  Unfortunately, the chemo she is getting will make her loose her hair and that has been a hard blow for her.  Shes a very simple woman and not at all fashionista.  So there has been a lot of stuff to get ready for.  We have wigs that need to be styled and washed as some are handed down.  We have hats, scarves and turbans that she needs to learn how to style.  And we have a lot of hugs and love to give.

That’s the update about my mom.  You can expect my posts to be sporadic.  You can expect me to narrow down my sponsors and for post counts to be sometimes low during certain times of the month.

Because I will be away tomorrow and I have been busy recently I wasn’t going to have a post for today,  I decided to show you the advert I did for Lacrima Angele’s fashion brand Sexy Princess.  I got my inspiration from visiting [LUXE] Social Club.  Inside the mansion they had an adorable red room with huge red curtains, candles, sparkling floors and a sexy chaise.  I ran home and attempted to recreate the scene to the best of my ability…..  because I really loved the scene but I couldn’t move the candles – and I’m a perfectionist.  And the rest is history.  I think you should check out both Sexy Princess and [LUXE] Social Club – to see the original for yourself.


Head: Catwa Catya

Body and Bento hands: Maitreya

Skin: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Hair: .Entwined. Scarlett / Light Blondes

Eyes: {S0NG}:: | ❤ty

Lingerie: [Sexy Princess] Floreyan | *Buy it here* ❤ty
Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Xantal – Gold | *previously blogged here* ❤ty
Rings: *elise* – Lucia – BENTO Rings | *previously blogged here* ❤ty
Pose and Prop: FOXCITY. Lolita Bento Pose Set
Curtains: Spot On Velvet Puddled Curtain 1
Floor Glitter: [PR] Ground Twinkling Glitter
Chair: :: N :: Mallory Club Chair, Pack One | *previously blogged here* ❤ty
Candles: [CIRCA] – “WATERDOWN” Candle Stand Trio – Grey/Butter
Chandeleir: Fancy Decor: Classic Chandelier (silver)
Floor Textures: DT * Marble Floor Tiles (Essential Collection)

go. shop. be fabulous.



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