I talked to someone the other day who really made me have a bit of a new look on my work.  They seemed super excited to meet me ( I don’t know why! ), and had great things to say about my work. It really made me realize that we are all our own worst critiques, even more so than I have ever realized it.  When I look at a photo I’ve done, the biggest impression I get a lot of the time is that what I haven’t done to it – maybe because of lack of skill or lack of time or both.  I see where maybe I should have added a few more raindrops, or maybe I should have shaded the face a little better, maybe I colored a tiny bit out of the lines in one small spot and etc.  But someone else thinks that even with out those little bits of what could have been that my work is still stellar and it made me feel great!  Most important it made me feel that my “work” or my “art” has some value to someone else and perhaps I need to start thinking about it with more value in my own eyes.  Maybe that is a lesson that everyone needs to learn who has made a part of themselves public, or maybe I have just been too hard on myself.

Anyways, the majority of todays post comes from {moss&mink}.  I’ve really been digging what Cielo has been putting out.  Shes a great mesher and I seriously love her color pallet.  The couch is fantastic, I know she spent extra time on it to add a custom material texture. I think it really payed off.  The set is gacha and does include the outfit which is not a rare at all!  Don’t quote me on it but I *think* the lamp is the only rare in the set.  I’m adding the gacha key at the end of this blog.

My rings and the head jewelry is from Amala.  The rings are bento updated and available at the mainstore.  The head jewel is part of an accessory pack released at Summerfest.  They go with the necklace I used in my post yesterday.  The eyes, from {S0ng} are new at The Project Se7en and come in both mesh shapes and a Catwa applier.  Prefer brown eyes?  Check this post.


Body Items

Head: Catwa Catya

Body and Bento hands: Maitreya

Skin and Makeup: [PF] Liya <Vanilla> – CATWA Head Applier

Eyelashes: Arte – Catwa Applier – Gem Lashes Set 02

Hair: [e] Terryn – Essentials @ Hair Fair  | *new*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji~ Blue Eye @ The Project Se7evn | *new* ❤ty


Outfit and decor: {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie @ Lootbox | *new* ❤ty

  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Hanging Crystals
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Magic Lamp RARE
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Backdrop
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Chaise
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Lantern
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Wallflowers
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Top Blue
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Pants Blue
  • {moss&mink} Dreamy Genie – Sash Blue

Rings: Amala – The Alaska Rings | ❤ty

Face Jewelry: Amala – The Alessia Head Jewels @ Summerfest| *new* ❤ty


go. shop. be fabulous.


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