The theme this round of Enchanted is Rapunzel and I finally caved in and made myself a Rapunzel outfit.

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 The event has a bunch of different gowns but this one spoke to me because its simple and not very outdated.  Don’t get me wrong, going into full roleplay mode is great but its not practical when you want to get multiple uses out of an outfit.

The boat and the lanterns I’m using come together from .peaches.. The boat comes in pg and adult and it has a drive-able boat option.

I matched the crown that *Avaway* released at Enchanted with an older release necklace because the colors are perfect together.  The crown comes in 5 metal colorsm 4 diamond colors and 5 gem colors.  Remember when I raved about Avaway ( and other creators ) using the same colors for their releases.

Yokai‘s got Pascal in a gacha at the event also. If you don’t know, Pascal is Rapunzel’s adorable and probably only friend in Tangled. Hes so adorable in the movie and also in Second Life. He waves his little head just like in the movie. Yokai also released some jewelry in the same gacha, which I did not get to wear because I loved the crown so much.  Check here if you want to see the other accessories that come with the set.


Body Items

Head: Catwa Catya

Body and Bento hands: Maitreya

Skin and Makeup: [PF] Liya <Vanilla> – CATWA Head Applier

Eyelashes: Arte – Catwa Applier – Gem Lashes Set 02

Hair: *PH* 8175 -blond- (wear) @ Enchantment | *new*

Eyes: {S0NG}:: Sol~ Pale Green Eye | ty


Gown: Kaithleen’s Rapunzel Dress – Midnight @ Enchantment | *new*

Crown: *AvaWay* LUTHIEN_Crown @ Enchantment | *new* ty

Necklace: *AvaWay* LEAH_Necklace | ty

Pascal: Yokai – Tale of Rapunzel GACHA @ Enchantment | *new* ty

  • 2. Yokai – Tale of Rapunzel – Pascal (Classic)


Boat with lanterns: .peaches. Now That I See You @ Enchantment | *new* ty

Flowers: ((Lovely Alien)) Fable Flowers – BLUE @ Enchantment | *new*

Pose: an lar [poses] The Olivia Series

  • an lar [poses] The Olivia Series – Four
  • an lar [poses] The Olivia Series – Five

go. shop. be fabulous.


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