I thought we needed some eye candy so I brought along the super handsome Sava to help.  But If you drool, clean it up.  Don’t leave your messes here.  I’m not your momma. :0 okay anyways, thank you for sharing this photo with me and being ( mostly ) patient with me during the 2 photo sessions and the numerous times I made you do silly things – like take your top/jacket off a billion times. There was only an alpha there girls, dont get too excited. 😥 You CAN, however, see him shirtless here. Your welcome.

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I got a little distracted. Avaway has this pearl necklace available at The Crossroads Event. It was made to match easily with this bracelet/watch combo that I blogged ( Its coincidentally the same one where Sava is shirtless? :0 ). The pearls are color changeable as well as the metal on the watch and the stones embedded into the watch.

this picture is raw, for now.

That leaves us with this gorgeous wedding collaboration between Astralia and Dead Dollz. The gown itself is breathtaking and can be worn in 3 pieces. See them here. Thank you Micheal ( for gifting it to me, mwahs ).  You can play for Astralia’s wedding furnishings as well as the bouquet and the headdress at The Crossroads Event. See the rest of the set that didn’t make it to the photo here.  My favorite has to be the romantic arch or the chairs. The arch will make a beautiful lawn decoration come spring. As for the chairs, who doesn’t love chairs with big pink bows on them?! The chairs, however, are ultra rare. * le gasp * So come prepared with your gacha hammer ( the one you use to smash the machines into submission ).


this is a raw photo

Thanks to Summer Trace for allowing us to rezz our props and anyone there during our 2 photo sessions.

One more thing. My surgery was rescheduled for Thursday. So I’ll probably be taking Thursday, Friday and the weekend off. Hopefully, I will have some stuff pre-done for you. But I am not wonder woman. Have a lovely day.

Head: Catwa Catya

Body: Maitreya


Skin and Lipstick: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_DANCE ~ Pack of BLONDS @ .Enchantment | *new*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Maki~ Pale Green Eye | ❤ty

Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. The Bride Gown – Bridal @ The Crossroads Event | *new*

Wedding set: Astralia – Callas Wedding @ The Crossroads Event | *new* ❤ty

  • Astralia – Callas wedding (Bride Bouquet) RARE
  • Astralia – Callas wedding (Bride headpiece)
  • Astralia – Callas wedding (Chair) ULTRARARE
  • Astralia – Callas wedding (carpet)

Necklace: *AvaWay* DAYANA_Pearl Necklace with Watch @ The Crossroads Event | *new* ❤ty

Pose: PURPLE POSES – Couple 501

on Sava:

Head: Catwa Daniel

Body: TMP

Ears: L’Etre Basic Mesh Ears

Eyes: Catwa Mesh Eyes

Hair: dura boy *45*

Suit: ZED Mesh Charcoal Maschio Alfa Three-Piece Suit

go. shop. be fabulous.


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