Double dose today! I’m finally on the upside of the flu and I’m feeling pretty okay! Still have a bit of a stuffy nose and a cough. Compared to the amount of energy Ive had over the weekend…. well, I feel like I could run a marathon.  Could be all the chocolate I ate though.

Have you ever sat around and asked yourself or your family what your spirit animal would be? Turns out I’m a fox. Yeah, I guess I can see that. I do have long ( pretty? ) hair and I like to think I’m witty and quick on my toes.  Anyways, I seen this fox gatch from [ bubble ] and I knew It all had to be mine.  This fox approves. Its got some gorgeous jewelry, a handbag and those fluffy ears in 6 pretty colors. This pink set isn’t even rare! :0 Maybe I should make a new rule: It should be mandatory that all fox items be deposited in my inventory. Think that will work?

↑click to see full size ↑

Foxes have to eat so I stopped at Sanarae and grabbed me a few chocolate chip cookies from [La Baguette]. They also had some pretty healthy stuff there like fruits but I’m always on the hunt for chocolate.

Having secured some chocolate, I decided I should finally get dressed. At the Fetish Fair, I snatched a garter belt, by .::Supernatural::., right off the shelf. I must have dropped its sister as I was trying to wiggle into this glossy dress from *CK*. Now out of chocolate chip cookies, I had to run BACK to Sanarae to get some more cookies for the photo. Getting dressed is tiring work.


Actual details about the items – .::Supernatural::.‘s garter belt  has two perfect hearts in 4 metal colors. The pearls are always white. The leather bands them self come in 6 colors. There is an extra option to have have 4 roses decorate the vertical straps. *CK*‘s dress is available at the mainstore with 2 huds, light colors and dark colors. Every color choice is glossy. [La Baguette] has various food items and a Chau-Chau for gatcha at Sanarae. The food is suuuuper cute if you want to see more of the items available check out Aristas [La Baguette] Flickr.  That leaves the accessorizes from [ bubble ] which I’ve already told you about. Have a lovely day.

Head: Catwa Catya

Body: Maitreya


Skin: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cerys –  variety

Eyes: {S0NG}:: Miau~ Purple Eye @ The Kawaii Project | *new* ❤ty


Fox stuff: [ bubble ] Felling Foxy Gacha @ Gacha Garden | *new* ❤ty

Cookies: [La Baguette] Chau-Chau and Goodies @ Sanarae | *new* ❤ty

Dress: *CK* Lush dress | ❤ty

Leg Garters: .::Supernatural::. Cindy Silver @ Fetish Fair | *new* ❤ty


Pose1: R.icielli – WALL POSES / pose 6

Photo Wall: ninety– Backdrop smile pink [ resize ]

go. shop. be fabulous.


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