What name did the witch give to her cooking pot? – It was called-Ron – lels. What a way to start off the post! Lots going on today in this post so buckle up and hold on tight. Thanks to .::Supernatural::., LAGOM and .peaches. for sponsoring this post for us today!  These peoples have some super special and very purdy items. Read on!

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Perhaps we should start at Sanarae. Because you can grab both this super cute necklace set from .::Supernatural::. in three metal colors, and these adorable #sorrynotsorry chalk boards from .peaches. in 3 colors also. You can drop your own textures in the photos on the board as well as change the sayings between 4 phrases, or choose to erase the board.

LAGOM has two new gatchas to play for.  BeVamped is available to play at Cosmopolitan. Its a dark and magical set with so much beauty. The skybox is rare and is divided into two rooms with a magical purple ( purple?! ) pool in the middle.  There are 19 commons and 1 rare to collect.

The seasonal Gatcha Garden is starting on Feb. 1. LAGOM‘s gatcha items are those cute little fluffy ChibiPandas. Can I just say, I love how the fluffy mesh is here on Second Life. It looks so damn soft and well fluffy. I wish I could just lay in a pile with these guys and just snuggle them all day. BTW, one of these guys is yours to claim if your in the LAGOM group.

If your feeling a bit magical , however, you can play for these super duper lovely magic wands from .peaches.. I feel like these wands must have taken forever to make because they are crafted so beautifully. There are 5 spells you can use, via gestures. The wand actually responds to each gesture. My spell was lumos, which lights up the end of the w

and like a torch and actually does give off light.

The Gatcha Garden doesn’t open untill Febuary, 1.  Thats probably a good thing – extra time to collect Lindens!

Head: Catwa Catya

Body: Maitreya

Skin: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Lip Tint Pale (Catwa Applier)

Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Cora Black Shiny Liners (Catwa Applier)

Freckles and Heart stickers: Bossie. freckles & heart stickers @ The Kawaii Project | *new*

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Miya hair-Blond set @ Kinky Event | *new*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sol~ Pale Green Eye | ❤ty

Top: [ parfait. ] Cozy Heart Sweater .pink. @ The Kawaii Project | *new*

Bottom: .:villena:. – Thick Knit Leggings – Black @ Uber | *new*

Necklace:  .::Supernatural::. Lyn Silver @ Sanarae | *new* ❤ty

Wand: .peaches. Fantastic Wands – Unicorn Hair 13″ Bendy – ULTRA RARE @ The Gatcha Garden | *new* *gatcha* ❤ty

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Solidago

Poses: My own.

.peaches. Seed of Inspiration – Wesley’s  Wonderful Wands Decor @ The Gatcha Garden | *new* *gatcha* ❤ty

.peaches. #sorrynotsorry Chalk Board (dark brown) @ Sanarae | *new* ❤ty

LAGOM – BeVamped @ Cosmopolitan | *new* *gatcha*❤ty

  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Skybox] RARE
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [SoftChair Plain Purple]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Floor pillow Black]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Rug Round]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Floral Table Light]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [WallFlower]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Moon Light]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Ceiling Tree]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Pedal Rain Large Pink]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Pedal Rain Medium Black]
  • LAGOM – BeVamped [Rug]

LAGOM – ChibiPandas @ The Gatcha Garden | *new* *gatcha* ❤ty

  • [15] LAGOM- ChibiPandas [ItsBrokened]
  • [13] LAGOM- ChibiPandas [Happy Family]
  • [09] LAGOM- ChibiPandas [I<3U]
  • [04] LAGOM- ChibiPandas [Little Kisses]

go. shop. be fabulous.


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