Helloooo everyone. This adorable gatcha set from .cosmic peaches. is at Epiphany. Yesh, that means its a collab between peaches and cosmic dust and its darn adorable! Its titled .cosmic peaches. – Loving from a Distance.  A lot of people especially in Second Life are in long distance relationships. Believe me, I understand exactly how hard that is! The signs have saying like; one day the ticket will be one way, and distance means so little when someone means so much. The set oozes hope and I think hope is a precious thing in long distance relationships. If your in one, this is the set for you. The color scheme is super pretty and everything goes together nicely too. You can play for these at Epiphany. Here is a teleport for .Peaches. and this one is for Cosmic Dust. The landmarks to .peaches. and Cosmic Dust will not be in the style card. Grab them here instead.

Also included but not show is a prop phone and a typer phone, a calander which you can change the picture of. The boxes can store messages. You can change the pictures in the photo albums to your own also. You can sort of see that album on the bottom right with a Polaroid sitting on top of it.

↑click to see full size ↑

Speaking of Epiphany, I finally got into epiphany and I played so much that if it was real life I might have worn the handle out. hehe. Anyways! this super cute fluffy pajamas are from sweet thing. They are fleece and look super luxurious but also very cute with tail or no tail options.


{S0ng} has these new eyes at The Cosmetics Fair. Click the picture above to see them bigger on my flickr.


Head: Catwa Catya

Body: Maitreya


Skin: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Eye Shadow: Izzie’s – Cora Black Shiny Liners (Catwa Applier)

Hair: Doe: Shannon (twotone) – Blondes @ Epiphany | *new*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cyr Eyes ( natural color ) @ The Cosmetics Fair | *new* ❤ty


Top: Sweet Thing. 7. Plushie Baby Top – No Ears (B)

Bottoms: Sweet Thing. 7. Plushie Baby Top – No Ears (B)

Socks: *MUKA* Thigh Socks

Ears: Sweet Thing. 27. Plushie Baby Ears – Floppy & Pointed RARE

Rings: Absolut Vendetta– Hydra Ring


Pose: GLITTERATI – 068

Couch and Table used: Zen Creations Free Spirit Sofa

.cosmic peaches. – Trendy Laptop RARE (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Cuddly Pillow Set RARE (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Notification Frame (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Distance Frame (M/C) @  @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Forever & Always Frame (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – One Way Ticket Frame  (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Love You Scattered Tiles   (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Forever Scattered Tiles (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Personal Massager – Pink (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Open When I’m Grumpy (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Open When You’re Sad (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – Open When You Miss Me (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  –  Stargazing Bottle RARE (M/C) @  @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – LeatherBound Photo Album – Brown   (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty

.cosmic peaches.  – To See Him Jar (M/C) @ Epiphany | *new* ❤ty




go. shop. be fabulous.


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