Hellloooo friends! Do you ever get urges just to sit around in your photo editing software and play around? That was me today, for like hours. :0 I know this photo is highly processed but if you scroll a bit you will see that I’ve included some non processed photos in a bright default windlight.

↑click to see full size ↑

Anyways, moving on.  Limpid has two gatcha sets ( Thorns and  Tora )at OMG!. Picture B and C ( below ) shows the complete full set for each gatcha. There are obviously other colors but I am only wearing the black and white. Each set has one rare, a purse ( for Thorns ) and a harness ( for Tora ). Good luck with your pulls!

The harness I’m wearing in picture A., and the featured photo, is from -[ TrevaH ]-. You can pick it up currently at AnyBODY in red or black. Thank you for the review copy. MWAHS.


Two more quick things to mention. This half sleeve tattoo, from .::VELVET::.,is now available at 2nd level event, which just opened up today. {Q-Essentials}, has this exclusive sofa at the elite event. Its available in White, Blue, Pink and Rusty Orange. The elite event also opens today.

Also, the two poses I used are from Del May. So they are not in the couch. The couch has animations included, however, its hard to take a photo with a moving animation. Do you like my smiley face? ;P lels. Have a nice time shopping!

Head: Catwa

Body: Maitreya

Skin and Makeup: [PF] Liya – CATWA Head Applier

Hair: ::::Phoenix::: Kiara Hair @ Hairology | *new* ❤ty

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sol~ Pale Green Eye | ❤ty

Tattoo: .::VELVET::.  Alice Black @ 2nd level | *new* ❤ty

outfit A Harness: -[ TrevaH ]- Harnessa – Black [Maitreya- Silver] @ AnyBODY | *new* ❤ty

outfit B: Limpid Thorns in black @ oh my gatcha! | *new* ❤ty

includes: Limpid Nipple Cover Thorns Black | Limpid Collar Thorns Black | Limpid Cuff Thorns Black | Limpid Handbag Thorns [RARE] | Limpid Pussy Protector Thorns Black

outfit C: Limpid Tora in white @ oh my gatcha! | *new* ❤ty

Includes: Limpid Collar Tora White | Limpid Cuffs Tora White | Limpid Harness Tora [Rare] | Limpid Nipple Cover Tora White

Poses: DM – Holding on (chair sit) and DM – Shy ground sit


{Q-Essentials} Pearce Black Sofa @ Elite Event | *new* ❤ty

{Q-Essentials} Havelland Rug

{Q-Essentials} Optimus Breeze Floor Fan

{Q-Essentials} Metallic Skyline A

{Q-Essentials} Metallic Skyline B

go. shop. be fabulous.


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