Two things I want to talk about in this post ( le gasp, she wants to say something?).

  1. This picture is NSFW. So, please if your offended by showing skin and breasts, do not scroll down.
  2. Morals …

I’m not sure how this photo is going to go, since its my first post here showing partial nudity. Just encase…. I feel like I NEED to say that I am an adult. I enjoy adult things in Second Life. If you don’t, then that’s great also! My Second Life can be whatever I want it to be, and I dont think its anybodys place to tell me how I should enjoy it. Nor should I tell you how to enjoy yours. That being said I love you all!

To the picture …. and morals.



↑click to see full size ↑

I bought this body jewelry set by Sonnya Finesmith and the “photographer” in me ( not saying im GREAT! ) got inspired and edited this picture a bit more heavily than normal.

That being said, I want to keep my morals intact! Im showing the raw unedited photo at the end of this post. So you can realistically view the pose. I think you should know, I love this pose to pieces and think Kat did a fantastic job on it.  Im definitely not here to bash any creator, or give any negative reviews. And >> I think the pose is fantastic af <<

What do you think about bloggers with morals?

Head: Catwa

Body: Maitreya

Skin and Lipstick: [PF] Liya <Vanilla> – CATWA Head Applier | *new*

Eyeshadow for closed eyes: Izzie’s – Catwa Closed Eyes Appliers ( where has this been all my life?! )

Hair: little bones. Grimes – The Blondie


Body Jewelry: .BF. Erin Set Silver (Maitreya Beta) @ Romp | *new*

Mask: .BF. Mask Cat Silver @ Romp | *new*


Pose: an lar [poses] The Viola Series – Pose one @ Romp | *new*


Bed: SAYO – Autumn Abode Gacha – Chevron Bed – RARE @ The Epiphany | *new*

Table: SAYO – Autumn Abode Gacha – Herringbone Bench – COMMON @ The Epiphany | *new*

Pictures: SAYO – Autumn Abode Gacha – Art Trio – COMMON @ The Epiphany | *new*

Lantern: SAYO – Autumn Abode Gacha – Prism Lanterns – COMMON @ The Epiphany | *new*

Flowers: SAYO – Autumn Abode Gacha – Bundle of Billies – COMMON @ The Epiphany | *new*

cute, am i right?

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